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Are we stuck in a rut?  The need for aggressive research goals

In this talk we postulate that if we are to address ICT’s potential to offset carbon footprint in adjacent areas we must first be aggressive with our own research goals. The talk discusses the expectation on ICT to assist in the reduction of carbon footprint in adjacent areas, it does this through analysis of the expected growth data traffic.  The talk then explores if this expectation can be met through current technology trends in the energy consumption of networking equipment.  We then discuss the potential for improvement still possible by comparison to theoretical limits.  GreenTouch™ is then introduced as a consortium which was created specifically to address aggressive research goals in an effort to close on the theoretical gap and presents wireless as an example of where such aggressive goals should be set.  We then conclude.


Sam Samuel is currently Executive Director of Bell Labs Ireland and UK

Prior to this Sam was part of the Regional CTO team for Europe and North based in the UK where he was tasked with the strategizing and positioning of products and solutions to Alcatel-Lucent customers in the region.  Previously to this role, Sam was a Technical Manger at Lucent Technologies – Bell Labs Research in the United Kingdom where Sam initiated and directed research on flat cellular architectures and the application of autonomic principles to wireless networks. Before this, Sam was a member of Technical staff at Bell Labs where he was involved in the development of advanced protocols and network architectures for wireless communications systems.

Sam’s research interests included non–linear dynamics, complexity theory, agent based systems, software architectures and infrastructures, software protocols, advanced wireless systems, mobility and resource management. Sam became a Bell Labs Fellow in 2006 for his work on Flat Cellular Architectures.  Before joining the telecommunications industry Sam has served in the Royal Navy from 1981 to 1991 as a Nuclear Reactor specialist.  On leaving the Royal Navy he went on to study at Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London, receiving an MEng in Communication Engineering in 1995 and a PhD in The Application of Non-linear Dynamics to Teletraffic Modelling in 1999.

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