nico verplancke

Presentation abstract

Digital Archiving at the Waalse Krook (Break-out session Media value chain)

A look into the hopes and dreams for the Flemish Institute for Archiving, a strategic project for Flanders and the Flemish government, an integral part of the Waalse Krook site, and above all, something that a lot of people have been waiting for, for a very long time…. The presentation will explore the state of current research projects and will take a look at the users of the future institute. It will also tryto give voice to the different players involved in the project and provide an overview of the current timeline…


Nico Verplancke graduated as a master in applied economics at the K.U.Leuven in 1997, but has been working in various technology oriented jobs ever since. After working for software development companies such as Guidance and Real Software, he started as a program manager with IBBT in 2004. IBBT is a Flemish interdisciplinary research institute focused on ICT, applied to domains such as media, healthcare, mobility and logstics and green ICT. Nico Verplancke is responsible for the follow up of projects in the media domain, he launched the Art&D program that stimulates collaboration between researchers and artists, and was involved in creating the INCA award for creative developers. Through the Waalse Krook project he is involved in the creation of a multi-media site in the heart of Ghent, that will also become the home of Flemish institute for Archiving. Nico also blogs about technology on .