Interview with internetguru Peter Hirshberg

An interview with Peter Hirshberg, keynote speaker at the iMinds Conference, about the internet of things, Facebook and other social media.
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Winners of the INCA Award 2010

This morning around 10:30, the 10 winners of the INCA Award 2010 receiverd their prize at the iMinds conference. The INCA (Innovative and Creative Application) Award is an open competition for developers, encouraging them to build applications which are both … Read more →

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Who invented the mashup?

Let’s start with the music. According to Wikipedia, the mashup movement, creating new songs which consist entirely of parts of other songs, gained momentum in 2001 with the release of the 2 Many DJs album, by Soulwax ‘s Dewaele brothers. These kids, who are now world-famous DJ’s playing all over the world, grew up in Ghent and are now building their new recording studio there. Read more →

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Immersive walk through Brussels @ iMinds!

Would you like to take a walk, using my body in Brussels? With state-of-the-art immersive technology, CREW will shift your presence from Ghent to Brussels in no time! C.A.P.E. invites you to discover Brussels in an entirely novel way and … Read more →

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iMinds lunch events

iMinds will also include two lunch events: the ICON pitch forum and an HR debate! Could you be interested in joining a new Interdiscplinary Cooperative (IBBT) research projects in the make? Then you should come and check out which project proposals … Read more →

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Herbert Van de Sompel joins iMinds

Herbert Van de Sompel graduated in Mathematics and Computer Science at Ghent University (Belgium), and in 2000 obtained a Ph.D. in Communication Science there. For many years, he headed Library Automation at Ghent University. After leaving Ghent in 2000, he … Read more →

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New keynote speaker: Peter Hirshberg

The iMinds conference will hold a joint opening and closing plenary session with the Future Internet Assembly. We are proud to announce that Peter Hirshberg (Silicon Valley executive, entrepreneur and marketing specialist) will be sharing his views on the internet of things. … Read more →

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Neelie Kroes confirmed

In order to develop a comprehensive approach to the digital society and economy, not only governments, but also industries and research communities need to join forces and interact to ensure maximum cross-fertilization. We are therefore happy to announce that Neelie … Read more →

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Alcatel-Lucent joins forces with IBBT

Alcatel-Lucent decided to join forces with the Future Internet week right from the start. They not only became platinum partner of the event, but also decided to merge the research day of their annual Bell Labs Open Days event with … Read more →

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