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Televic is an innovative SME in Izegem, Belgium. Ever since Lieven Danneels together with mister Verstraeten toke over Televic in 1998 , they invested heavily in R&D and innovation.

A close cooperation with knowledge institutes, universities and engineering schools was developed.  A frame , using the AD Little model, was used to align innovation and markets.

The strategic research center IBBT plays a vital role in the innovation cycle of Televic. Not only on the research side but also by introducing new views and insights in the process of innovation and by creating an open innovation culture.  This way Televic stays on top in their niche markets.

These policies have proven to be quite successful, although recently a shift towards even more market driven innovation was made and the internal structure aligned with this new approach.

The major challenge is the speed of bringing new products to the market. That means that new product introduction needs to embrace the complete value chain.  


Lieven Danneels has been since 1998  CEO and co-owner of Televic N.V. after a management buy-in. Televic is a Belgian SME (Izegem) active in audio- and multimedia communications systems for a number of niche markets, like nurse-call systems, interpretation systems, passenger information systems and educational systems.

He holds an engineering degree and a postgraduate degree in finance and business.

Lieven Danneels is also president of a local TV Station (WTV) ,member of the board of VOKA-VEV (chamber of commerce) , IBBT, KULAK  and a  member of the ICT committee of Agoria (the technological industry federation of Belgium).

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