iMinds venturing session

iMinds break-out session: Venturing

Participating in a new business creation is a common activity among U.S. workers over the course of their careers. Europe is still lagging behind when it comes to entrepreneurship. Might it be because a venture is an undertaking that is dangerous, daring, or of uncertain outcome? Nevertheless Europe has some promising showcases based on emerging digital technology.

Professional guidance, the right collaborations and cross-fertilization with other innovative starters are key to success in bringing a coordinated innovative offer to the market. From the start, IBBT has paid a lot of attention to maximizing the valorization potential of research results through the deployment of tools and instruments to support and stimulate incubation and entrepreneurship.

This session aims to provide a hands-on view on what’s happening in the domain of ICT innovation in Flanders/Europe through some exciting testimonials and a panel discussion tackling the availability of seed money for new ventures.

Speakers for this track:

“Corporate Venturing as beachhead to conquer new Markets” – Danny Goderis, Alcatel-Lucent

Danny Goderis will present the Alcate-Lucent views on corporate venturing. he will focus on areas such as research, incubation & ventures, a magic mix of technology and business as well as critical success factors.

Elevator pitches of young ICT starters

Five Promising young companies present their offering in a short presentation of 7 minutes. Among the presenting companies will be the winners of a collaboration of IBBT and the Silicon Valley acccelerator Plug and Play. A panel of judges will briefly comment on their presentation and discuss the role of incubation and venture capital in shaping the future of the Internet

Moderator: Wim De Waele


  • GIMV – Alex Brabers
  • LRM – Stijn Bijnens
  • IBBT – Frank Gielen
  • Ice Vista – Brendon Grunewald
  • Plug and Play – JT Buffmire
  • Norwest Ventures – Rama Sekhar

“Building for a global success” – Art Norins, CEO Nor1

Nor1 is quickly bridging the gap between the techniques of the advanced consumer web with the hospitality and travel industries. Based in Sunnyvale, California and Frankfurt, they are an example of a quickly growing global startup. Art will discuss his strategy in creating a worldwide leader.

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