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ICON projects in the make – Pitch forum & partner search

ICON projects are interdisciplinary collaborative projects between IBBT research groups, and external partners such as companies, governments, non-profit organization, etc. Project proposals are formed bottom-up by the external partners, as they are either a user or a stakeholder and executor. Within this type of research IBBT will help you look for suitable complementary companies and organizations.

The lunch break of our annual iMinds events offers an excellent opportunity to bring such potential project partners together, as the current call for ICON projects closes on February 1st.

ICON pitch forum

In order to recruit suitable project partners, we would like to offer the floor to anyone with an idea for a new ICON project. Each speaker will have a 3 minute time slot (3 slides maximum) to tell who the current project partners are, what they’re aiming to accomplish with the project and what they’re looking for.

This means that up to 10 ICON ideas can be presented in half an hour. Afterwards, the presenters will be available for a more detailed discussion during the remainder of the lunch break.

Interested in pitching an idea for a new ICON project yourself? Don’t hesitate to contact Nico Verplancke ( or Birgit Morlion ( so we can offer you the floor as well!

What are ICON projects?

IBBT finances up to 50% of the total research cost as the cost of the IBBT research groups is carried by us. Furthermore the external partners have the possibility to apply for IWT support within the ICON proposal.

Projects are always submitted by a consortium in which several partners can participate. There are no restrictions as to organizational form, so governments as well as non-profit organizations, SME’s, large companies and local branches of multinationals can participate next to the IBBT research groups.

The most important characteristics of ICON projects are:

  • Demand-driven
  • Within the framework of the IBBT innovation themes
  • Cooperative and interdisciplinary consortium
  • A well balanced consortium
  • Economical cultural and/or societal added value
  • Delivery of demonstrators
  • Duration of 2 years and at least 50% financial contribution by external partners
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