iMinds – HR lunch debate

13:00 – 14:00 HR debate: Recruitment & retainment of ICT professionals

Recruitment and retainment of good personnel in the ICT sector has been a difficulty for years now. First, the internet bubble boosted the demand for highly trained ICT staff and the fast growth of many ICT start-ups into respectable SME’s demanded the kind of change management that wasn’t always easy to swallow. Furthermore as ICT became not only a supporting instrument but rather an essential building block of any vital business process, the recruitment, training, re-training and retention of ICT professionals became critical to not only ICT companies, but other industries and governments as well.

So how should we go about it now? Should we still look for the right man/woman for the job or should we mould the job to the man/woman? Can we facilitate and encourage our personnel from other key divisions to retrain and take up the challenge of choosing a second career in ICT? Can we only keep the trained ICT personnel we have by throwing extra money at them or are there alternative methods to keep them motivated and enthousiastic? How do fast-growing ICT-companies (both SME’s and large ICT-organisations) find the right profiles to sustain their growth?  Which HR-factors are crucial to keep in mind when expanding your business to an international level?

We will discuss a number of these hot issues through a couple of testimonials and best practices, to be commented on by expert Vanessa Delacourt(Schelstraete & Desmedt) and moderated by Christian Vanfuffel (Agoria ICT):

  • Nascom: Jo Martens
  • Delaware Consulting: Jan Delaere
  • Clear2Pay: Kimball Felix

After the debate, you will have some time left from the iMinds lunch break to discuss these issues in more detail with the speakers.

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