iMinds Green ICT session

iMinds break-out session: Green ICT

Today, the ICT sector (networks, data centers, PCs, TV sets, etc.) is responsible for about 8% of the total electricity consumption worldwide and this is increasing rapidly. On the other hand ICT is of course also is an important enabler to reduce the energy consumption in buildings, transport, production, etc. This session will focus on the former aspect (energy consumption in the ICT sector) and will provide an analysis of the problem and an overview of mid and long term solutions to reduce this ICT intrinsic energy consumption. For example in the area of telecom networks, the session will focus on investigations to indicate in which part of the network (home, access, core, fixed and wireless) the power is consumed and how to solve this by introducing new network concepts, new protocols or new technology.

Speakers for this track:

  • Flavio Cucchietti (Telecom Italia): Energy Efficiency and ICT: short term needs – long terms opportunities
  • Sam Samuel (Bell Labs): Are we stuck in a rut?  The need for aggressive research goals
  • Fabio Neri (Politecnico di Torino): Research topics and issues faces in TREND, the FP7 Network of Excellence on Energy-Efficient Networking
  • Andy Houghten (EU Commission administration): Green ICT in the European Union

These presentations will be followed by a panel debate with all speakers, moderated by Mario Pickavet (IBBT).

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