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IBBT focuses strongly on the link between ICT technology and its application domains. It recognizes that software, communication technologies & networking, service platforms, etc. are a crucial component for a number of industries such as health-care, mobility and media. Bell Labs helps to weave the technological fabric of modern society. Its scientists and engineers make seminal scientific discoveries, launch technological revolutions that reshape the way people live, work and play, and continue to build the most advanced and reliable communications networks in the world. Bell Labs recently announced the formation of the GreenTouch initiative. As a platinum sponsor of the Future Internet week, Bell Labs complements IBBT’s focus with an industrial perspective.

In this 2010 edition, we want to reflect on the Internet as it has become one of the most critical infrastructures of the 21st century, and by supporting social and economic developments will enable a truly knowledge-based society. The complex infrastructures sustaining public services such as health, mobility, environmental monitoring or energy management can be made ‘smart’, i.e. much more efficient and sustainable, when the internet is fully integrated into their basic functions and processes. While incremental approaches are critical, they will ultimately fail to keep pace.

A more ambitious and visionary solution is required to achieve targets in the long term. This can only be obtained, however, if technological roadblocks are overcome through multidisciplinary and open innovation approaches. The large-scale integration of multiple technologies calls for a rethink of the internet architecture. Trust and security are also key aspects where answers are needed. And beyond technological issues, the restructuring of business and social interaction processes could provide a golden opportunity to boost European competitiveness.

A comprehensive approach to the digital society and economy will encompass the Future Internet, as one of the main building blocks to succeed. For the development of such an approach it is crucial that not only governments but also industries and the research communities join forces and interact to ensure maximum cross -fertilization.

The iMinds conference is therefore embedded in the Future Internet Conference Week, offering a program of back-to-back conferences, meetings and workshops related to the different topics of interest to the organizations involved and their stakeholders. IBBT, as a true believer of cross-regional and interdisciplinary research as a means to ensure real innovation, is hosting this series of activities and events. The iMinds event itself will even partly go in parallel with the Ghent edition of the Future Internet Assembly, establishing common ground through joint plenary sessions and networking moments.

The event will also include the award ceremony of the second INCA competition, which will held European wide for the first time.

Who should attend

iMinds is open to anyone with an interest in the subject of ICT innovation and focuses on researchers, entrepreneurs from large and small companies, venture capitalists, civil servants, politicians and creative individuals with different disciplinary backgrounds.