Winners of the INCA Award 2010

This morning around 10:30, the 10 winners of the INCA Award 2010 receiverd their prize at the iMinds conference.
The INCA (Innovative and Creative Application) Award is an open competition for developers, encouraging them to build applications which are both “cool and useful”.
This year’s theme was “inclusive society”. Congrats to everyone who participated!

Here are the results of the INCA Award Contest edition 2010:

The winner of the INCA Award 2010: Shoppy

Shoppy is a web site and accompanying iPhone app which allows volunteers (shoppers) and people in need to meet. People in need create shopping lists, which volunteers in the neighborhood can pick up and deliver. The package delivery should be a social event.

url of the application:
Team members:
Tom Nys, Gert Van Nespen, Sandy Cools
What the jury says about Shoppy:
The jury was especially impressed with the community oriented, inclusive idea of the application. It’s also quite specific in the problem that it’s tackling and well suited to the target group, and provides a full circle implementation including a web and mobile client.

Silver winners:

Team members: Veljko Sekelj
The jury says: The application is well suited for the target group, innovative, has a high usability, and succeeds in simplifying access to internet news

Team members: Jan Plessers
The jury says: A very original application that is relevant to the target group, and combines high usability, a smart concept and strong implementation skills.

Tweets for Equal Europe:
Team members: Tapio Nurminen, Raine Rimpilä, Hans Garritzen
The jury says: Simple but innovative, and a tool to create a broad awareness in an original way. Might also help to create some sense of ‘shared problems’ across Europe.
Team members: Pieter De Mil, Jeroen Hoebeke, Inge Schilders and Kerlijne De Smet
The jury says: Addresses the digital divide challenge with a content oriented solution. Original use of different media!

Bronze winners, Wheelmap iPhone app, Libre de barreras
Team members Rossey, Pieter De Mil, Jeroen Hoebeke, Inge Schilders and Irma Roosen
Team members Wheelmap: Holger Dieterich, Christoph Bünte, Dorian Roy, Raul Krauthausen
Team members Libre de barreras: Consorcio Fernando de los Rios
The jury says: The jury would like to make special mention of the three applications (or mobile versions of existing applications) that focus on wheelchair access to ‘public’ places. This is clearly an important subject and the applications all make good use of mobile and online applications. The use of the crowd for information input also doubles as a means for creating awareness about wheelchair accessibility. We would also like to appeal to the different projects to exchange information to really create wheelchair access without barriers or frontiers…
Team members: Kai Aras
The jury says: A good idea that certainly will benefit community building, but needs to work more on trust and security and might benefit from a more targeted approach.

Team members: Joana Costa
The jury says: The jury is convinced that a sense of shared responsability is important in a neighborhood and attention to small problems helps prevent larger ones. We believe in the concept though the name might be a bit too police-like…

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